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- Shenakht Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry started its activity as a quarterly in the summer of 2014, and obtained a publishing license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (No. 75478-16/6/1394) and started its activity officially in the summer of 2015. Also it obtained a research rank from the Medical Journals Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran (No 700/2995). This journal has been available electronically since the summer of 2014 and in print since the summer of 2018. It has been published as a bi-monthly since the summer of 2018.

Mental illnesses affect the thinking and behavior of individuals and cause discomfort and disability in them. Moreover, genetic factors, various stressors, and the type of interaction with others are influential in their creation or occurrence. These disorders and diseases are of special importance in human life and lack of attention to them causes many problems in the individual, those around him/her, and even society.
The aims of Shenakht Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry are to publish the results of scientific research and studies related to psychiatry, psychology, and other related topics with emphasis on their applications in various fields of research, education, and treatment, as well as to promote and facilitate mental health.
The thematic scope of this journal in research related to various fields of psychiatry, psychology, and mental health of people of different ages includes the following:
- Behavioral disorders, specific disorders, mental genetic disorders, mental-emotional disorders, learning and cognitive disorders, sexual disorders
- Study on cognitive, moral, emotional, and behavioral development
- Various studies in the field of addiction
- Strategies to promote mental health, psychological therapies, psychotherapy, and medication
- Mental health services and support for these patients
- Different life and educational styles and factors involved in them
- Interdisciplinary approaches to health and mental health services
- New methods and drugs for treating patients


This journal adheres to all the principles of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and includes the following types of articles:
• Original/research articles
• Reviews
• Short report
• Case report
• Letter to the editor
- Sending articles to this journal and publishing them in this journal are free.
- This journal uses the Open Journals Systems (OJS) software to manage and print content. OJS is a free tool for managing and publishing scientific journals online.
- Since submitting articles to this journal and publishing them are free, the publication does not have a waiver policy to waive or discount the fee.
- Link of Shenakht Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry in the National Library and Archives of Iran:
- Shenakht Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry is recognized by powerful programs in the field of comprehensive Internet search (Spider Software).
- In the case of indexing in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) database, the journal will provide all the information of its articles to this database.
- The judging process used in Shenakht Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry is peer review. The review is performed in a double-blind manner.
- The judging process takes 30 to 90 days and the interval between the acceptance and publication of the article is 30 days.
- The journal experts review the submitted manuscripts twice (once after submission and again before publication) using plagiarism detection software such as iThenticate.
- All rights and copyrights are reserved for the author(s) without any restrictions. The journal allows the owner of the work to retain the copyright, and the use of journal articles is unrestricted by citing the reference. The authors also pledge that their work has not been published in another journal.
- The journal allows its readers to read, download, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of their articles, and they are also allowed to use the journal articles for legal purposes by citing the reference.
- This journal publishes 72 articles annually.
- All copyrights are reserved for Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Kurdistan, Iran.

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